Ceylon  Administration Record, 1867


Pg 105

A large portion of lands at Tampalakamam belong to the crown, and I am in hopes by easy terms, we may settle people on them; but we must give advances if we wish to do so, and I recommend that I should be authorised to give out crown lands at Tampalakamam to cultivate at one tenth, with advance of seed paddy, returnable at the end of the harvest without interest. In short time the parties who thus take the land will be in a position to buy it on the four instalments conditions; and I think that on these terms I could get a good deal cultivated by Trinco people. The seed paddy we should introduce from India.

If only liberal and proper measures are adopted, a colony might easily be formed at Kantalay and Tampalakamam and cultivation gradually extended from one place to the other.

Already the Sinhala families have settled at the 25 acres allowed to them at Kantalay*, free of government share for three years, as authorised; and if I am only allowed to give more, several more families will come. These people however are near neighbours, and have their own cattle, and certain means, though at present villages those means are very precarious.

We must endeavour to attract even others, who have not these means. Above all, I should like to form a large Jaffna colony, and if liberal terms are offered, I believe we might successfully do so.

He adds, that he has asked the Irrigation Sub-Committee. He also suggests, to start this scheme on a small scale, say around 20 people.


I do not desire to do anything more in this pattu than give easy terms to cultivate along the Kantalay stream and I shall request permission at once to offer lands to persons willing to settle on the Sinhalese terms- three years free of government share or at one tenth advancing seed paddy. The majority of Malay settlers will, I think, take up the cultivation, in preference to remaining at the unirriagted lands they now cultivate.


 Thambankaduwa; once apart of the Kandyan Kingdom, but now apart of Trincomalee district (GA).

Tamankaduwa Distirct(Old)

Sinhala Pattu-982
Muslim & Tamil Pattu-1307


*To realise how smal an area this 25 acres provided for Sinhala families is, one must know that the same report states that the Ganthalawa Wewa is 4000 acres and feeds 16000 acres of land in Kantalay. In basic terms 15975 acres of irrigatable lands in for the Jaffna colony and Malay Muslims, while only 25 acres for the Sinhala popluace.