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B. Van Leir map, 1751. This map is kept in the Hague in Brussels.

What makes this Dutch map, so important, is that it contains all the names of the districts of then Sinhale.

For example, Panangama, which today consisting of parts of Mannar, Vavuniya and Mullativu districts.

Anurajapura, has been made smaller, as initially, it consisted of parts of Mannar and was all the way to the coast and also what is today north Triquenamale district.

Many of the districts bore their original Sinhala names but now in many cases, they bare Tamilized names eg Waligama-Valikamaman.

Also notice, in the Eastern parts of the country in 1751. Their was still a district called Maha Rohana.

Today's map of Sri Lanka. Please compare this, with that off the map to the left.
Ancient Map of Lanka

Below are maps, that are found in the Netherlands and can be said as been amazing. We decided to include these area's, as their are certain persons, who are claiming these area's as a Tamil region. The names and places of these area's, certainly do tell another view.


Dutch National Archives-1735   Dutch National Archives-1750
Dutch National Archives-1751
Original Sinhala names and the today's Tamil names.   Original Sinhala names and the today's Tamil names.