Front Cover Detailed account of jaffna peninsular, confirming what the British report in 1833 says plus the history of Sapumal and his journey to become the first king of Jaffna. The Portuguese warns all their fellowman, to be aware of Sinhala people. As it makes NO difference if they are in Jaffna or Kandy, that the Sinhala considers it all their territory!! A LESSON TO BE LEARNT EVEN TODAY!!
Details of Sinhala messenger of Cankili plus about the fact it was Sinhala force which arrests the Portuguese spy's in Nalluer. The King of Kandy, still wants to oust the Portuguese. Rajasinghe I, ruled all Lanka inc Jaffna.
How Cankili came into power. Once again its the Sinhala people who seem to be greeting the Portuguese in Jaffna, no mention of tamil's. The treaty signed by the Portuguese and Cankili, written in Portuguese and Sinhala.

12 Sinhala advisors of the Jaffna king, killed for thinking of surrender.

Plus details the Jaffna kings arms been a "lion".

The Sinhala general of the King of Jaffna, now working for the Portuguese. Details of Jaffna kings retinue
  Cankili wife was Buddhist and rather become Christian, committed suicide.  


The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon by Rev Fernao De Queyroz.

Published by Asian Education Authority and available in a few book shops in Lanka.

These details are from the eye witness accounts written down by the Portuguese Friar De Queyroz, also the english translation is confirmed as been accurate by the British governor Codrington.

A highly recommended buy!!