About Us

Who we are & Why, did we created this?

We are a group of people, comprising of all ethnics(Sinhala, Muslim & European), dedicated to outting of the Truth!. We are based mainly in the United States but have bases throughout the expatriate Sri Lankan community.

As we see the situation, with the war at an end with the destruction of the miltant aspect of the Eelam movement in Lanka. Their is still elements not only within Lanka but also all over the world, of the political side.

These Eelamists work by spreading a false history of what is today considered as the Northern and Eastern provinces of Lanka. Provinces in fact created by the British Colonial Administration.

This web site contains information gathered over the years from many sources. The sources that we use are mostly, Primary & Secondary forms of Information. If we use a modern writers work, then we do acquire and list his or her source unlike most Eelamists. Who mostly use 20th Century writers or even worse, use unreferenced sources from Eelam websites, without lsting those writers sources. This is very evident on the so called online encyclopedia-Wikipedia!

We know some might think, this web site is controversial or a lie but everyone is allowed to have their own opinions but our request, is to read through this site and all its evidences, from the Ancient to Colonial and then make an educated decision.

Their might be some who might think that, why are we doin this? When war is over and peace is achived...Well it can be answered, with a simply question;

Can you build anything, be it a relationship, a frienship or a....NATION, based on a lie? A lie that, Sinhalese and Tamils, have been living together for thousands of years, in this land with North & Eastern parts been Tamil? Answer is....NO!

Sri Lanka, has had a sour experience from the Tamils at all levels, be it past or present...even Tamil Buddhist priests from India, have been a sour experience eg....Mahanaman, came in the 5th Century and wrote a Dynastic book called the Mahawamsa, which gave an Indian origin to the Sinhalese people. Then a few decades later came....Buddhagosha, who re-wrote all the Sinhala written books known as 'Attakathas', into Pali. To give an example of the cultural disater, it is stated in Burmese records that books amounting to seven elephants in height, were....BURNED!...Nothing short of a Cultural Genocide!

Regarding this site though, we are excited to see many people of all creeds and castes, taking an interest in this subject and have even seen this web site been used by Eelamists and declaring these details as lies. Our argument is, simply...PROVE IT!...e.g. we find it almost a joke, how finding 179 South Indian coins is considered evidence of a Tamil homeland. If these same principles are applied then, the thousands of Roman coins found in Anuradhapura, must mean that it was a Roman city? We would like to see, hard evidences from these Eelamists, rather than calling, this a lie and that a lie!

To us. We would like to consider this site, as been for all communities, not just the Sinhalese. As it is important that Tamil people also learn the truth about their presence in Lanka and why...?
We don't deny that their were people from South India present in Lanka e.g. as traders, sailors, mercernaries etc etc and their were Sinhalese people throughout India too. What we do say is false and object too, is the falsifying of Lankan history to try and create an impression of a Tamil homeland.

We hope that those reading this would realise that a crime was committed by Colonialists against both communities and this needs to be addressed in the correct manner. We all belive, that everyone, be they Sinhala speaking or Tamil, can live together in this nation but must be in the correct atmosphere. No region should be exclusive to one group, all have every right to live anywhere on this Isle.

At the end of the day, it is not the fault of the Sinhala or Muslims that the Tamil's do not have their own country.

The blame must lie with the Tamil politicians, who have done nothing but waste the last 60years on demanding it from the wrong country! The answer to their needs is Tamil Nadu(Which by the way means 'Tamil Homeland') in India. It is immoral and unjustified to try and take what does not belong to you in Lanka(Ceylon, Sinhale)!


Our many thanks to the Eelamist, for linking this web site to theirs. It has given allot more coverage than we expected ;0)