Sinhalese in the 1847 Uprising.
The Tamil's join with Britisher in Suppresion and Mass Murder of Kandian Sinhalese.

Campaign to chase away the Sinhalese of Batticaloa(1879)
According to Ceylon Administration records, the only place in the East where Muslim's had settlements were, Kinniya in the Eastern province. Their, they dealt with the timber trade.

Assistant GA, G.E.Worthington, Batticaloa Katcheri 25, June, 1880.

Ad Report 1879:

There is ample work here for a European Superintendent, both on the South Coast road where another riot has just recently occured, and on the Badulla-Batticaloa road, where the lawlessness of the carters and others has driven away the Sinhalese previously living in the neighbourhood of the road.

Administration report, 1898;
In the Eastern part of Kalmunai an organissed attack by the Moors on the Sinhalese, has driven many away.

Sinhala-Muslim Riots 1915
Sinhala-Muslim Riots 1915 provoked by Muslims objecting to an age old Buddhist Procession passing by their new Mosque in Kandy.

Campaign by GG Ponambalam to sub jugulate Sinhalese by robbing representation (1939)
GG Ponambalam demanded that 50% of the seats be reserved for the minorities in the country which added up to less than 30%.and the other 50% of seats to be decided by an election. If this system was activated 65% of seats will go to the minorities who make up 30% and 35% of seats will go to the majority which made up about 70% of the population at that time. This is a clear plan to sub jugulate the Sinhalese majority by Tamil extremist politicians like GG ponambalam.

G. G. Ponnambalam held that:

(1)Universal franchise was a mistake. There were roughly equal numbers of "educated upper-caste Tamils" and "educated upper-caste Sinhalese". So the vote should be restricted and the chamber should be 50%-50% between the two communities ("balanced representation"). Basically, low-caste Tamils and Indian Tamils, and also most Sinhalese should not count!

(2)He upheld the caste system, and agreed with Ponnambalam Ramanathan, who went several times to London in the 1930s to ask the British government to uphold the caste system.

(3)Ponnnamblam held that the Tamils had always ruled the Sinhalese, and that Vijaya was " Vijayan", Kasyapa was "Kasi-appan", and Parakramabahu was a Tamil whose actual name was Pandya-Parakrama. His favorite attack theme was to begin by bashing the Mahavamsa.

(4)Ramanathan Ponnambalam, and also G. G. Ponnambalam and others REFUSED to accept that the Tamils are a minority in a democratic government, and did not attempt to create a political strategy that accepted the reality of being a minority.

(5)GGP visited Nazi Germany several times, accompanied by his right-wing British friends, in the mid 1930s, and probably copied the racist nationalism of Europe, just as N. M. Perera, Philip Gunawardena, Colvin R de Silva and other intellectuals copied the equally deadly leftist ideology of Marxism. Racism was fashionable in Europe in the 1930s and GGP imported it to Sri Lanka .

(6)When D. S. Senanayake managed to get both SWRD and GGP into his cabinet by his adroit political manipulations, a vacuum was created in the Tamil extremist space, and this was filled by the Tamil Sovereign party (Tamil Arasu Kachchi), falsely translated as "The Federal party", as every one knows the real meaning of the Tamil word "Arasu". The name came from the "League of Tamil federations", which had published a book in 1942 claiming to show that the Tamils were the main inhabitants of Sri Lanka, and that the Mahavamsa was a recent (16th century), false fabrication....Full Details

Siri Wardena Bodhi Tree of Jaffna, been cut down by Tamil extremists (1970)
See Links-PDF or Doc

Ethnic Cleansing of Jaffna by Tamil extremists (1971-1981)
Between 1971 and 1981 the Tamil extremists terrorized and kicked out more than 30,000 Sinhalese from the Jaffna peninsula where they had been living for generations.

Ethnic Cleansing of Batticaloa by Tamil Extremists (1957)
Sinhalese people were ethnically cleansed from Batticaloa by Tamil extremists in 1957. The 1953 census for Batticaloa gives 12% of population in Batticaloa as Sinhalese. But 1963 census which was taken after these attacks gives a 3.5% of population of Batticaloa as Sinhalese.

The Attack on Sinhalese students and lecturers at the University of Jaffna (1977)
In 1977 Tamil extremists stoned and drove out 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna University. Some of the Sinhalese who were a victims of this attack were handicapped for life. Thus making it a pure-Tamil University, while all other universities in the South were multi-ethnic campuses including an open door policy to register Tamil students. How would tamil people like, if the same were to happen elsewhere?

Cultural Genocide by Tamil Extremists (1950s onwards)
The Destruction of 100s of Sinhala Cultural Heritage sites by Extremists in the Northern Province and also in the Eastern province with the sole aim of erasing the evidences of Sinhala civilization in the north and east and in most places after destroying the Buddhist temples they have built Hindu Kovils on top of them eg Omanthai, Lankapattuna.

Educational Genocide by Tamil extremists (1960s-1970s)
Tamil Communalist teachers gave bogus very high marks for the Tamil students during the paper marking for A/L exams. So that Tamils will enter the universities in large numbers. As we know that university seats are limited, such an act made other students from the Sinhala and Muslim community not able to enter university, even if they were better students. This was indeed an educational genocide on the Sinhalese and Muslim communities.

Ethnic Cleansing of the Vavuniya district(1984)
Tamil extremists shot dead 73 Sinhalese people in villages in Vavuniya, in order to create a fear psychosis and make the Sinhalese population leave the area (Vavuniya district)therefore at least 6,000 Sinhala refugees have resulted from Vauniya. These refugees, havnt still gone their ancestral homes in the Wanni.

Ethnic Cleansing of Sinhalese in the Trincomalee District(1984 onwards)
Tamil extremists killed at least 150 Sinhalese villagers in various places in Trincomallee district including members of clergy in an attempt to Ethnically cleanse the district of Sinhalese people by creating a fear psychosis and this has caused about 20000 Sinhalese people to leave the district and become refugees.

Ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese from Mannar District(1980s)
Separatist terrorist killed a large number of Sinhalese people and set fire to houses to create a fear psychosis in order to ethnically cleanse this district of Sinhalese people which has resulted in more than 10000 Sinhalese people becoming refugees from the Mannar district. These are also, still to return.

Second Sinhalese expulsion from Batticaloa (1980s)
The separatist terrorists were successful to reduce the percentage of Sinhalese living in Batticaloa to almost 0% by 1990s.

Attempted Ethnic cleansing of Ampara district (1980s onwards)
Tamil extremists have carried out attacks on Sinhalese villages killing hundreds in order to ethnically cleanse the region of Sinhalese people.

Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims from Northern Province (1990s)
The Tamil extremists forcibly expelled the entire ethnic Muslim population (approx 100,000) from the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The Muslims were given 48 hours to vacate the premises of their homes while their properties were subsequently looted by LTTE. Those who refused to leave were killed. This act of ethnic cleansing was carried out so the LTTE could facilitate their goal of creating a mono-ethnic Tamil state in Northern Sri Lanka.

Attempted Ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the Eastern province(1990s onwards)
Tamil extremists killed more 300 Ethnic Muslims in the eastern province in one instance more than 100 Muslims were killed while they were praying in mosques in an attempt to create a fear psychosis to drive out the entire Muslim community from the eastern province of Sri Lanka.

Sinhalese student expulsion from Batticaloa (2008)

The discrimination by Tamil extremists against even sinhala students were seen in an extreme manner, when a student was shot and killed in Vandaramullai University in Batticaloa in August 22nd, 2008.


Conclusively, after 1977, 78, 81, 83, and 84, due to around 128 Tamil racist attacks, around 100,000 Sinhala villagers have become refugees and around 3,500 killed. This number is excluding the more 150,000 Sinhalese killed by the Tamil terrorists, the LTTE!

LTTE Atrocities....

Caution: The images shown in this above web pages exposing the atrocities of the LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists, may be found disturbing by some people.


What's so special about this is that their villages have been occupied so that they can never go back to their original villages. Vast majority of these people have become beggars, workers in other villages or have migrated to Southern coastal areas. There is nobody to talk about these people. The reason is that, Sinhala people becoming refugees or getting killed is not considered a violation of 'human rights' by the so called International Community, the UN, INGO'S or the Human Rights Organisations.

We are yet to even hear any 'democratic' Tamil politician or any Tamil scholar publicly condemning this systematic ethnic cleansing against the Sinhala people in North and East provinces, which has been happening over several decades, in order to create a 'pure Tamil' state. Perhaps, because, this ethnic cleansing is a result of the myth of Tamil homeland?

....Now we are in this web site, consist of pretty much all the major religions of the world and we do think that Tamil people should be fully aware, that one day, they will have to answer to these crimes!



Cyril Mathews Report to UNESCO, regarding the wanton destruction and descicration of the Buddhist monuments in the Northern and Easten Provinces....Doc...PDF

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