Quick & Easy rules to breaking the LIE of a Tamil Homeland




  1. The Archeological Evidences e.g. Nagadipa, Dambakola, Kadrugoda, Batakotte and more than 300 other sites etc etc....The Mantri Maligaya, has been attributed to be been built during the rule of Sapumal, through carbon dating.
  2. Portuguese making no major mention of any Malabars but of mainly Singhalese in battles, Sinhala the Language and Sinhala words e.g. Manel Mal, Aliya, Bandare.
  3. The simply FACT that the Portuguese used the Singhalese as their guides, shows that it is them that knew the region the best!
  4. The treaties, signed with Sinhala Kings by the Portuguese and Dutch forces throughout these periods, show the North been apart of the Sinhala Kingdom e.g. The Treaties of 1517, 1580, 1609 etc etc....
  5. Dutch sources regarding the settling of Tamil's into Jaffna and maps as dated as late as 1695, shows Jaffna having a Sinhala majority.
  6. Dutch archives, which detail, that past Alimankada, it is a Sinhala Buddhist population, lowal to King at Maha Nuwera.
  7. British sources, which show that in 1803, Jaffna City was Muslim City.
  8. Colebrooke & Camerom Reforms Vol 4-6
  9. British sources, regarding the Settling of Tamil Hindus into the North and North West e.g. The book by the British Civil Servant J.W.Bennet 1846.
  10. The Ferguson Report 1868- Which tells us that their are 'NO' settled Malabar populations and so wasn't included into the then Census.




  1. No mention of any Malabars by the Portuguese.
  2. The Temples sites of Gona and Trikoil are described as been Buddhist Temples, before been destroyed by the Portuguese.
  3. The treaties, signed with Sinhala Kings by the Portuguese and Dutch forces throughout these periods, show not only the East been apart of the Sinhala Kingdom but also a Sinhala region for the Simple fact that the Singhalese are the only ones mentioned.
  4. In 1603, Sibald de Weerd arrived in Battecalao. Who records the Sinhalese Dissave of the region been 'Dermuts Inagedare' and Dutch maps show 99% off places and names of the East in Sinhala form, even in 1753.
  5. The French who were present in the East for a period of 3 years, make 'NO' mention of Malabars and gives the origins of the name Baticalao. This is derived from the Sinhala word 'Bathkalapuwa'.
  6. 1803, the Singhalese of Bathkalawa, were partly exterminated and partly evicted from the district ...Please See...Link
  7. The Letters of Governor Tennet and Lord Grey 1847-50.
  8. British Administration Records e.g. W.W.Hume GA, Batticalao 1874-Details on 70,000 Tamil brought over and settled along the East coast. Making up more than 23 miles of villages. These peoples were nicknamed 'The Pioneers'.
  9. Number of Sinhala villages abandoned or lapsed to the Crown-Administration Report 1870. A total of 165 villages in a short period of five years alone, 1865-1870.
  10. Assistant GA, G.E.Worthington, Batticaloa Katcheri 25, June, 1879;

    Ad Report 1879;

    There is ample work here for a European Superintendent, both on the South Coast road where another riot has just recently occurred, and on the Badulla-Batticaloa road, where the lawlessness of the carters and others has driven away the Singhalese previously living in the neighbourhood of the road.

    Ad Report 1898;

    In the Eastern part of Kalmunai an organised attack by the Moors on the Singhalese, has driven many away.




The Kandian Kingdom, in its last years had South Indian Kings but was it ever called a South Indian Kingdom....NO!

In laymen's terms....You cannot have a Tamil Kingdom, without a Tamil populace!




We hope that you have realised, how easy it is in fact to show the facts from the Eelamist lies, we at JH, certainly have.

What we have found is, how simple it is to prove the falsehoods that are been spread by Eelamist's at any given time, irrespective of what their issue's or comments and that one should never cower away from responding to a question from these Eelamist's.

But their is something that we in this group would like to address, not to the Eelamist but to Tamil's in general.

It is ironic that, if the Tamil's had made their case for an Independent nation in India, by this time that it may in fact have been a reality.

If we were to look at this in an historical perspective, lets say during the time of Asoka, when India was unified by its own leaders. South India, to precise the Tamil country, was in fact 'NOT' apart of the Asoka empire but was quite Independent. Their closet friend, strangely enough was the Sinhala kingdom and the Buddha Sasana established in the Tamil country was in fact a Sinhala Sasana.

fig 1, In blue is the expanse of the Asokan Empire.

But this is not my point. My point is, it was only after the Europeans, to be more precise the British, who amalgamated the different areas it conquered to create what became India in 1947. In laymen's terms, for the South, it was the control of its people handed over to the Northerners!

Secessionist movements did string up in India's South very early on and in fact was quite strong till the 1960's and after the adoption of Anti-Secessionist laws, were these, movements removed but unfortunate for Lanka. India & the West with encouragement, moved this movement out of India and into then into a weak Ceylon.

It is unfortunate, that the Tamil leaders fell for this trap and moved its movement from a country, which the Tamil people have every right to gain Independence from, to a nation in which they don't have any legitimate right to a such claim!

A very very cleaver & successful plan on the part of India & the West!

Still today the Tamil people, seems to have not noticed this obvious fact and only when they realise this mistake, is when they would realise the chance of any Independent nation for them has been destroyed by their OWN actions!!!!