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*“I have a duty to expose the mischievous conduct of the TNA parliamentarians”: Congress ex-MP Anbarasu....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Move to allow Western powers to plunder country's resources....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Fresh conspiracy to divide country again....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Canada to free migrant Tamils suspected of Tiger links....The Island(Link)

*ANCL launches luxury bus service to Jaffna....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Support President, Ven. Ramachandra tells Tamil-speaking people....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Sarath Fonseka’s ‘sexcapades’ and ‘witch hunting’ those juniors calling ‘spade a spade’ coming to the fore....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Lack of interest seen amongst Jaffna voters....The Island(Link)

*JVP terror campaigns of ’71 and ’89....Sunday Observer(Link)




*Opposition’s Effort to “Buy MP” Plan Fails....Asian Tribune(Link)

*National Freedom Front Member of Parliament Mohamed Muzzamil producing several bundles of thousand rupee notes at a press conference yesterday said it was part of a bribe offered to him by a Muslim Member of Parliament to join the DNF presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka’s election campaign....Daily News(Link)

*Dr. Swamy slams TNA, wants Tamils to support Mahinda....The Island(Link)

*The Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy to Support President Mahinda Rajapakse....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Lalin’s Coloumn: 'Nallavan' Sambandan provides truth and reconciliation certificate....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Free land for every child from Fonseka’s magic wand: Fonseka needs 40,000 acres in Colombo for free distribution....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Jehan Perera about, "The importance of Ranil Wickremasinghe" ! A comment....Asain Tribune(Link)




*US, UK, Norway, Netherland and France have bankrolled the election campaign expenses of the opposition party candidate retired General Sarath Fonseka....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Violence against rivals tarnishing president’s image - JHU
,JVP promoting federalism on the sly, says Ranawaka....The Island(Link)

*Lanka rejects Dublin war crimes probe, calls for an end to witch hunt....The Island(Link)

*Mahinda confident of minority support....The Island(Link)

*Mahinda Rajapaksha declares Thirukethieswaram a Sacred City for the Hindus....Asian Tribune(Link)

*TNA MPs in India....The Island(Link)

*Tiger suspects: Govt. to expedite legal proceedings....The Island(Link)

*Lanka still not free from separatist threat - President....The Island(Link)





Thai Pongal day messages

*LTTE elements behind TNA's decision to support General Fonseka....Asian Tribune(Link)

*The threat made by UNP and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to Lankadeepa....Daily News(Link)

*Presidential candidate Sarath Kongahage yesterday filed a Fundamental Rights application in the Supreme Court against the candidature of New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka, on the basis that he is a citizen of the United States....Daily News(Link)




*Tamil problem in Sri Lanka is essentially a problem of the English speaking Tamils sponsored by the British....The Island(Link)

*Sampanthan in the footsteps ltte, decides isolates to isolate tamils again....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Insidious campaign by US, Britain, EU, Norway to oust MR – Azad Sally....The Island(Link)

*Mahinda promises undivided state, honourable peace....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Irida Lankadeepa under fire over Sampanthan interview....The Island(Link)

*Ex-Army Captain adds fuel to accusations against Fonseka....The Island(Link)

*Bus links to Jaffna increase....The Island(Link)

*New York Times Selects Sri Lanka as the No. One Place to Visit in 2010....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Sarath Fonseka has accepted that the North and the East is the homeland of Tamils-Wickramabahu!....Daily News(Link)

*Ban says Alston acting independently!....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Tamils Against Tyranny appeals to the Tamils "To Vote wisely. Leave No Room For Regret."....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Mahinda promises a brighter future for allNorthern PC under 13th A, changes to PC and Local Govt systems.
Wants to do away with PR system....The Island(Link)

*Northern railway line from Omanthai to Pallai....Daily News(Link)

*India to construct railtrack between Omantai and Pallai....The Island(Link)




*Vickramabahu’s rep arrested....Daily Mirror(Link)

*President takes  Jaffna by storm, grants relief....The Island(Link)

*The TNA’s decision:
Revenge politics or ‘Second Operation’ for separatist politics?....The Island(Link)

*Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are children of one mother - Mother Lanka....Asian Tribune(Link)

*President Says He is Not for Separating the Country but to Unite!....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Jaffna HSZs to be abolished today!....Sunday Times(Link)

*Political nakedness of Tamil leadership....Sunday Times(Link)

*ICT, entrepreneurial skills for ex-LTTE combatants....Sunday Times(Link)

*Sri Lanka faces new pressure over war crimes....The Island(Link)

*End of war does not mean the conflict has ended, says Deva Rodrigo....The Island(Link)

*Killing is his second nature, the trigger-happy General....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Pro-LTTE groups stage protest to Lankan Speaker at Vaitheeswasran Kovil....Asian Tribune(Link)





* UK backs GSP withdrawal to Lanka....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Speaker under attack in Tamil Nadu....Daily Mirror(Link)




*UN commission to probe human rights violations in Lanka!....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Deeming Sri Lanka Execution Video Authentic UN Expert Calls For War Crimes Probe....Asian Tribune(Link)

*UN renews war crimes charges against Sri Lanka....The Island(Link)

*Alston says probe proves Channel 4 video is authentic(Video)....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Alston’s conduct breach of diplomatic procedures- Lanka....Daily Mirror(Link)

*The United Nations has to inform the Sri Lankan Government before issuing statements....Daily News(Link)

*Fonseka and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe signed this agreement....Daily News(Link)

*Ranawaka asks Fonseka whether he agrees to TNA conditions!....The Island(Link)

*TNA acceptable to JVP, sees no harm in one-time LTTE proxy joining Opp. alliance....The Island(Link)

*Govt. says TNA faction sided with anti-Mahinda camp to avenge LTTE defeat....The Island(Link)

*LTTE and the TNA were part and parcel of the same team....Daily News(Link)

*Rs. 1.66 billion project, commissioned a new water supply scheme in the Ampara....Daily News(Link)




*Sampanthan entered into a North East merger agreement with Sarath Fonseka with the blessings of the Indian High Commissioner....Asian Tribune(Link)

*A Curse of the Tamil Race(Link)

*Media Minister reveals hidden pact of TNA and the Opposition Leader....Asian Tribune(Link)

*TNA calls on Tamils to support Fonseka for Presidency....Daily Mirror(Link)

*TNA support for Fonseka based on secret pact - Govt....The Island(Link)

*TNA backs Fonseka....The Island(Link)

*Last ditch Indian bid to stop war revealed....The Island(Link)




*TNA’s Failure to Seize the Moment....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Even after Prabhakaran Sri lanka Tamils decide on the Presidency....Daily Mirror(Link)

*JHU stresses on resettling Sinhala families....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Fonseka’s entry into Presidential race...General biting the hand that fed him, says Nimal....The Island(Link)

*Almost a Vertical Split in the TNA – Deeply Disunited, Yet Remain Intact....Asian Tribune(Link)




*President urges unity to defeat foreign plots....The Island(Link)

*TNA to pledge its support to Fonseka....Daily Mirror(Link)




*Fonseka botched it, says Fredrica....denies she wept and begged for forgiveness....The Island(Link)

*Son-in-law’s arms company registered at Fonseka’s Green Card address in Oklohoma – Govt....The Island(Link)

*Does Sarath Fonseka has “Strong and Admitted Motive” for retaining Legal Permanent Resident status in U.S?....Asian Tribune(Link)

*TNA - Split Inevitable....Asian Tribune(Link)




*In transition: Steamy General Side up in public view -Who is this Wild Vulgar Army Officer?....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Fonseka pledges to convert Palaly in polls manifesto....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Sri Lanka Jaffna peninsular revival driven by road link....The Island(Link)

*State secrets and national interest....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Distortion coupled with Duplicity: Sampanthan prelude to an arbitrary announcement....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Oklahoma MidFirst Bank is in trouble for sponsoring Fonseka’s daughter Apsara & son- in- law Danuna for Green Card....Asian Tribune(Link)

*High dreams of ministerial portfolios in the midst of TNA leadership....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Main Opposition Parties in a Conspiracy to Defeat their own Candidate – S.B.Dissanayake....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Arrangements finalized for IDPs voting facilities in Kilinochchi....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Sri Lanka to focus on a people centered foreign policy....Asian Tribune(Link)




*The adamancy of Sampanthan would soon lead to a vertical split of the TNA....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Sarath Fonseka’s divided loyalty to US & Sri Lanka: High risk of foreign manipulation....Asian Tribune(Link)

*MoU for $500 mn Lanka-India power link to be signed soon....The Island(Link)

*Muslims salute President’s policies, says Minister....The Island(Link)

*India, China boost for Railways....The Island(Link)

*Revelations of ops could hinder efforts to seize LTTE assets-FM....The Island(Link)

*Tamil polity pushing the community out of the equation....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Jaffna Muslims protest....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Afghans took to the streets on Wednesday to protest....Daily News(Link)



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