December 2009




*Duruthu Poya




*Tamils should negotiate with both leading presidential candidates - Vigneswaran....The Island(Link)

*Karannagoda sends letter of demand to Fonseka....Daily Mirror(Link)

*India-Sri Lanka power link by 2013....Dialy Mirror(Link)

*India-Sri Lanka discuss training for Lankan sailors in India....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Anandasangaree’s urgent proposals for immediate implementation....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Sambandan will join Fonseka – Wimal....The Island(Link)

*In case Sarath Fonseka is defeated: The Contingency Plan - 2....Asian Tribune(Link)

*The Tamils of Sri Lanka are presented with a Hobson's choice....Asian Tribune(Link)




*The All Ceylon Tamil Congress has resolved to call upon the Tamils of the North and East to boycott....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Tamil nationalism’s refusal to take responsibility....The Island(Link)

*Government of India to deny the entry to M.K. Sivajilingham....Asian Tribune(Link)

*For the first time ever the inaugural Jaffna International Trade Fair 2010....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Muslim civilians who were forcibly evicted from the North 20 years ago will be resettled in their original places....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Tourist influx to Jaffna....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Siddha Ayurvedic medicine expansion program being launched in Jaffna Peninsula....Sunday Observer(Link)

*Tamil community has every reason to resist bid to undermine stable peace – Prof. Peiris in Jaffna....The Island(Link)

*Radar-gate: Kickbacks to Foneska’s Danuna in China radar deal: Eight Questions to the General?....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Kilinochchi district has been brought under the civil administration....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Ambassadors from the European Union countries and the American Embassy diplomats are meeting secretly with the opposition presidential candidate on a regular basis....Asian Tribune(Link)

*JHU highlights contradictions in Fonseka campaign....The Island(Link)


*Fonseka’s differing reasons for leaving army
unacceptable – Govt....The Island(Link)

*Retired general has failed to honor his undertaking, arrangements are being made to file a contempt of court case against him in the Supreme court....AsianTribune(Link)

*Brutal massacre of 2000 white flag-bearing Taliban surrendees under US watch: No criminal probe yet....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Robert Blake refuses to comment on US human rights probe on Sri Lankans and Rudrakumaran issue....Asian Tribune(Link)




*General Fonseka should write to UN and say it ‘political utterance’-media-minister....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Withdrawal order on Rajiva’s response to UN....The Island(Link)

*EU told to keep out of Lanka’s politics....The Island(Link)

*How Lanka averted US move to evacuate LTTE leadership....The Island(Link)




*Cabinet condemns Fonseka comments....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Savage summoned on Fonseka Comment....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Government will respond to UN on Fonseka’s allegations....Daily Mirror(Video(Link))

*Country in Danger....Daily News(LInk)

*Fonseka paved way for Intl. interference....The Island(Link)

*Lanka surprised at UN taking Fonseka’s statement seriously....The Island(Link)

*Allegations could affect Lanka’s Haiti selection– Karannagoda....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Fonseka’s allegations closes doors for armed forces....Daily Mirror(Link)

*No base for UN letter of allegations: Rajiva....Daily Mirror(Link)

*JNP wants Fonseka before a court martial....Daily Mirror(Link)

*UPFA will have majority to amend Constitution - Susil....The Island(LInk)




*Tamils protest near Kerry's office against US report....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Great Betrayal....Daily News(Link)

*Initiative to rehabilitate the main four irrigation schemes in the Northern Province...Daily News(Link)




*UN questions government on Fonseka’s allegations....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Tamil National Alliance leadership has summoned the Parliamentary Group meeting tomorrow to finalize on their support to Sarath Fonseka....Asian Tribune(Link)




*Canadian Tamils vote in support for a seperate state....Daily Mirror(Link)

*TNA Parliamentarian Srikantha categorically said that both the candidates have no desire whatsoever to grant autonomy to the North and East region which the Tamil speaking people rightly consider as their homeland....Asian Tribune(Link)





*Sri Lanka Government has one more time contradicted the Times newspaper (in the UK) article dated 15 December 2009 and titled “Sri Lankan war crimes video is authentic, Times investigation finds.”....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Nose cut Ranil: failed to impress Indian leaders on Fonseka’s credentials as future president....!Asian Tribune(Link)

*The US halted military aid to Sri Lanka, when battling ltte terrorism. Does SL need it now?....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Sivajilingham to solicit Tamil diaspora for support in his election campaign....Asian Tribune(Link)

*European Union is bent on influencing the electoral process in Sri Lanka – Alleges Foreign Minister....Asian Tribune(Link)

*Govt to sue EU, if GSP+not granted ‘Denial of facility a human rights violation’....The Island(Link)

*Southerners want unhindered access to the North....The Island(Link)




*Canadian Tamils prepare for referendum vote....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Solution to Tamil issue in neither main candidate getting 50%....Daily Mirror(Link)

*Tamil nation that remains oppressed in this country for the last 60 years since independence....Asian Tribune(Link)