12 Question's for an Eelamist?


1. The North and East of Lanka are quite dry regions, so with Wewa been a Sinhala creation. How did Tamil's for thousands of years irrigate the lands and get food enough to eat? In laymen's terms, what was your method of agriculture?

2. In 1505 the Portuguese arrived in Lanka. Their attempts and conquest of the North is quite excepted. Why if the North was a Tamil region, is it that the Portuguese records only show battles with Sinhalese people and Muslims? The last 33yrs Tamil people have butchered thousands upon thousands of innocent Sinhala & Muslim peoples, calling it their 'freedom struggle'. Then, why didn't any of these Tamil's make that same struggle aganist the Portuguese?

3. After the capture of Jaffna, one of the most famous but not that mentioned events was taking of copy of the Buddha relic, which was taken to Nallur from Kandy by Vidye Bandara. One must ask....Would any Sinhala King permit a Buddha relic to be on tour in Jaffna, if Jaffna was a Tamil/Saivite region?

4. If Tamils came earlier than the Sinhalese, why are they only 12%, while the Sinhalese, subject to decimation and assimilation, both by recurrent invasions by South Indian's and at the hands of Western invaders, have still managed to become 77%?

5. How could the Sinhalese have built all those Buddhist Dagobas in the heart of Jaffna Peninsula, more than 300 in fact and in the Eastern province? and how could large numbers of Sinhala Inscriptions in stone, which tell of the deeds of these Sinhala Kings have been left for posterity in the North and in the East, if these areas were under the Tamils at that time?

6. Why have the so called Tamil Kngdom not left any monuments, records etc etc?

7. It is an undisputed fact that (a) Emporer Asoka of India sent missionaries to SRI LANKA (Anurdhapura) and most ASIAN KINGDOMS like Thailand and Burma around 200 BC to spread the Buddhist doctrine of the greatest son of India, Lord Buddha. But strangely enough, he did not care to send one to this so-called ANCIENT Tamil Kingdom just north of the Anuradhapura kingdom.b) Asoka sent his son, a monk, and daughter Sangamitta, a Nun, to the Sinhala Kingdom in Anuradhapura where they lived and preached for 48 long years till they died. But they who came all the way from North India never cared, or thought of, going to this so-called Tamil kingdom just walking distance away! WAS THIS DISCRIMINATION, by Asoka and his children against the Tamils?

8. Recorded history states that Sri Lanka was invaded as much as sixteen times by South Indian invaders. The first invasion around 230 BC, was by two brothers who ruled on the Sinhala throne over the Sinhala people for 22 years till they were killed by a Sinhala prince from the South. Ten years later, another South Indian, Elara, came and slew the Sinhala king, and ruled over the Sinhalese, on the Sinhala throne for 44 years. There is no mention of any transactions or treaties or aid, between these Tamil kings on the Sinhala throne and this Tamil kingdom, even when the Tamil kings were threatened by Sinhala princes from the South. It is strange that after 44 years on the Sinhala throne, Elara did not get help from this so-called Tamil kingdom to fight the Sinhalese, nor did he think of fleeing to the North to escape death. This proves no such kingdom existed, to which Elara could have gone for help!

It is said that Elara asked help from a Tamil prince in South India known as Balluka and he arrived with a force of 60000 soldiers from South India and fought with King Dutugemunu who had defeated King Elara.

9. When King Valabha from India attacked Nagadipa in the North, King Mahinda IV (AD 956-972) sent Sinhalese troops to fight the Indians...Why?

Because there was no other King in the Island and 'NO' Tamil King in Jaffna.

10. Again, if the Tamils came before the Sinhalese, why did they stay in the arid North and not move to more salubrious areas further South?

11. In ancient times, the great ports of Sinhale: were Gokarna in Trincomalee, Matota in Mannar and Dambakolapattuna in Jaffna. Trader's from all over the world came to these ports...Then why does NON of these traders, detail any of this amazing Kingdom of Jaffna? and why do all these traders either come to Anuradhapura or Pulastipura, the Sinhala capital was?

Were all these ancient trader's racists???? lol

12. How is it that Portuguese and Dutch sources, even in 1695, the majority of place names e.g. Villages/Towns and even districts of the North are in Sinhala language. The East even in 1753, nearly 99% are in Sinhala.

If Tamil's had been, in these regions of hundreds of years, this would be the case. So, then could they explain this scenario?