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Mahawamsa by Wilhelm Geiger (Editor), 1908, p.155, ISBN:978-1437328028....Concerning the use of the Mahawamsa, as a resource to some extent is thought of by extermists as been a sinhala racist book. I would counter that, simply because the Mahawamsa was complied in the 4th Century AD by Chola Buddhists monks who had taken over the running of the Mahavihara. So, it is quite the opposite!

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Diary kept by the onderkoopman Jacques Fabrice van Senden during his tour in Kottiyar, Tamblegam and Katukolompattu in the year 1786), f. 30.

There are two other copies in the National Archives in The Hague: NA (NL), HR 537 and NA (NL), Collectie Van Braam 199. I used the literal transcription of the names of these headmen. The same goes for the place names in the text. The title vanniy¯ar refers to the time when the area fell under the Kingdom of Kandy. The king of Kandy appointed the vanniy¯ars as provincial headmen at the outskirts his Kingdom, therefore they enjoyed relatively great autonomous power.

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CO(British Colonial Office):



C01041/8-Donomough Constitutional Reforms(This British Goverment report, states on the Ceylon Tamil, as follows....Link....p92.) Please notice, that its clearly stated that the Tamil that went from South India after been unable to find work in Malaya and such places, are now moving into Sinhala areas of Ceylon for work.




The myth of a traditional Tamil Homeland unmasked; when did the tradition begin?

The so-called Tamil problem in Sri Lanka is essentially a problem of the English speaking Tamils sponsored by the British

Lanka, Sinhala and Iilam



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