Recently, we chanced upon the book written by Rev James Cordiner, the Chaplain of Colombo garrison, of the Anglican diocese from 1801. His book was published in 1807 and can be considered a gem in historical literature. For he writes and details, as a journalist, would do today on events, as they are occuring and thanks to him, we have a full record of the events of 1803.

What is commonly known though, of 1803, is in fact a minute part of an immense uprising of the Candians(Up Country Sinhalese). These include fights, in Jaffna, Mullativu, Mannar, Wanni and Batacalo. It is at this point the Britisher's records themselves, state that the Candians or the 'enemy' in these areas, were either exterminated or evicted out of these districts.

Please read the following pages that are of utmost importance, as they answer the QUESTION of what happened to the Sinhalese of these area's!!






As you can see, after reading this, the horrors that were inflicted on the Candians of these area's.


Kandian Kingdom Sinhalese, were always refered to as 'Candians'.

Malabars, were always refered to as Malabars. This is irrespective where they were eg even the last Kings are refered as Malabars.

Malays were detailed, depending on whom they were served eg Candian Malay's.